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“Investing in real estate when done properly can really transform where you are financially.” 

Hi there, I'm Pam

I am the founder of The C.R.E.A.T.E Wealth Network – the #1 free educational resource for commercial real estate investing. Officially “job optional®”,  I am a proud mother who discovered the benefits of passive income investing while working in the aerospace industry. An aerospace engineer by trade, having been employed by Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and UTC Aerospace, I made a career pivot over 10 years ago and founded my first company TPK Properties - a privately held multi-family investment company that acquires, manages and renovates medium to large sized apartment complexes. 


I am proudly serving as a CREW Network Global Board Director, Forbes Council Member, CREW Orange County Mentorship Co-Chair, and Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Real Estate Director. Additionally, I am an emerging author, focusing on sharing my commercial real estate investing knowledge with others. 

I love traveling, exploring nature and going to Disneyland with friends and family. For my “me time,” I love reading, practicing yoga, and cooking new recipes.

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Are you ready to ditch your 9-5 but have no clue where to begin? Look no further.

Do you feel like there is an alternative career plan out there for you? What if you didn’t have to sit in a cubicle or a home office desk for 40 hours a week? Investing in apartment communities is a great way to become "job optional" that not enough people consider. Maybe they think they don't have the experience, connections or, frankly, the money it takes to succeed in multifamily investing. They're wrong.

Pam Scamardo, founder of TPK Properties and The C.R.E.A.T.E. Wealth Network, active real estate investor and mother, lays out an easy roadmap for you to embark on your passive income investment journey. This step-by-step guide is a trove of relatable stories, critical knowledge and lessons that are presented in an easily digestible way to help you make your leap into commercial real estate.

Ten years ago, Pam had a career as an aeronautical engineer but -- like many of you -- felt unfulfilled. She wanted to spend more time traveling and being with her family, not worrying about earning income. Fast-forward 10 years: Pam runs two successful real estate firms and owns a large real estate portfolio. As a young, first-generation Asian American woman, the odds of success in this male-dominated industry were stacked against her. Her secret? Perseverance, education and faith in her abilities. She wants you to know, “You can do it, too!” In this book, Pam will crush your fears and convince you that your dreams of financial freedom are within arm's reach. Now, let’s go create wealth®!

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“Genuine, refreshing and honest – just a few words to describe this power-packed resource for multi-family real estate investing, and also these same words describe the amazing person that Pam is. Pam lays this out in easy to understand format with a perfect integration of telling her point of view and experience with core information needed to navigate each phase. This resource is a perfect go-to guide, not just for becoming an investor, but for other aspects such as coaching new staff in my firm learn the facets of multifamily real estate.”
-Jennifer Chambers, Partner at Plante Moran

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Grab some coffee and pull up a chair, my blog is compiled of numerous articles to help broaden your knowledge and gain the confidence to become financially free. Check it out!

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Learn With Me!

Whether your learning style is through listening, reading, or one-on-one sessions, there is something here for you to help you on your investing journey. 


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